Feature Friday: Superior Realities!

Superior RealitiesNerd’s are some of my favorite people. Really!

I use the word nerd as a term of endearment. I absolutely enjoy the mind’s, thought’s, and self expression that a lot of nerd like humanoids that I come across on a daily basis online. Weather via Warcraft, blogging, or D&D.

In the about page, the blog is described as . . .”Superior Realities is the blog of Tyler F.M. Edwards, a freelance writer, fantasy novelist, and lover of imaginary worlds. It celebrates the beauty and wonder of fiction — be it TV or movies, books or video games — through commentary, reviews, and the occasional angry rant.” and continues to link his work and other sites you can visit.

If you have any spare time, take a look, you may just find something interesting.


If you would like to talk more about Dungeon’s & Dragons, World Of Warcraft, MTG, books, TV, Movies, or any other topic please feel free to join the blog’s discord server!

Join The Community here: https://discord.gg/UEnwEKx

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Zephirah Black

Pro coffee chugger, casual twitch viewer, bacon enthusiast, Rubber Chicken! Proud member of the CTR community! Supporter Of TWLOHA!

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