Zephirah’s Adventure: Science Of Sound

According to Wikipedia, Psychoacoustics is the scientific study of sound perception and audiology. More specifically, it is the branch of science studying the psychological effects and responses associated with sound (including noise, speech and music).

I know that we as humans perceive music and sound differently depending on your mood, the time of your life, and a plethora of other variables. It makes me wonder how many sounds we are familiar with and sounds we can identify easily and know where they are coming from. Wired put out a video late last year with two sonic branding experts explaining the thinking behind some of the world’s most recognizable sounds.

I find this stuff to be fascinating. With so much wonders in the world we tend to forget the sounds that surround us have an affect on in some way. If you need more of a visual, I have linked an info-graphic that explains a the psychology of sound, it is definitively worth taking a look.


My sudden interest in reading about the science of sound is due to the recent shift of musical choices that I have become acquainted with. I know everyone is different and has different taste in music; however, science and sound has always been in our life’s in some form or fashion. Even if we do not notice or acknowledge it.

Here is an example of some of the music I have been listening to recently:

Hopefully, I did not bore you with my nerdy fascination of science and sound. The next music post will be some newer stuff that I have put in my play list for raiding in Warcraft!

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