MTG Monday: At The Ready?

Magic-The-Gathering-card backThe major point of gathering cards for Magic! The Gathering is the intent to actually play. Sooner rather then later to not just have your cards sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Art can come in a plethora of ways; however, Magic! The Gathering is a fantastic way of using the art that you have collected.

I am currently looking for a group to play with and I have a few options. A few meaning a total of two. One option is to use Roll20. The second being a local store that sells cards and a plethora of other collectibles for Magic, D&D, Pokemon and various other things. I would rather play locally for various reasons.

I tend to learn things better when it is right in front of me. I dont totally suck at the game but learning how to improve and what I would need to fill out a deck would be great.

I will be looking into the local group here soon to see what I can figure out and report back.

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