MTG: Deck Box’s

Magic-The-Gathering-card backFor those of us that actively play Magic! The Gathering and travel with your cards to a location it is worth investing something to protect them.

Some collectors and players spend hundreds, if not thousands on their entire deck. Recently, an Alpha Black Lotus in mint condition sold for $87,672.00. That is a single card. I am not in anyway surprised by the number but lets face it – even for my noobish set of cards – I still want to protect my investments.




I did a search via Amazon and there are so many options available to us. Ultra PRO is the most common on the market for deck case’s. Nothing to fancy about their basic ones – usually a solid color with their logo on the top.

On that note, I found quite a few box’s that I fell in love with on Etsy. WendersWonder’s has a few options available and they are all beautiful. You can find their shop here.

So, long story short. Support artist that you like and protect your stuff all at the same time. Heck, even if it is some three ring binder with card sleeve’s and some unique art that someone had made for you to put in the front of the binder, that would be cool as well!

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