Feature Of The Week: D&D Dice!


Wednesday morning I was spending some time writing blog post and perusing through twitter when I had stumbled across a set of stunning purple galaxy dice. I promptly retweeted the photo.

I seriously believe I have a problem. Within the last month, I have purchased three full sets of dice for D&D, and four independent D20’s, and an extra random D4.  At the time of seeing the dice as shown in the photo, I also have my eyes set on two other full sets of dice.  The one set of dice that I have fell in love with recently is a set of purple steel. (The other set’s of dice can be found here and here.)

I am in love with collecting. These dice are unquestionably a set I would love to use in a session for my current campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about the artist or would like to purchase a set for yourself, please follow the following links:

Twitter: daffodilsonfire

Etsy Store: setdaffodilsonfire

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