Warcraft: Last Week Of Legion!

Not all expansions are created equal. Each has their own issues and good parts to them. With that being stated, Legion has been one of the better expansion experiences that I have had.

Not sure if I would put it at number one but at least it was a solid experience.

I also know that I have mixed feelings going into the next expansion for a couple of reasons. I am sure some of my worries or things I have on a list that are a cause for a concern are going to work out better then what I expect. I have to give the Battle For Azeroth expansion more of a chance before I go full tilt nerd rage on it. Let’s face it – with all the drama already surrounding it up until this point has been a shit show.


I dont want to be one of those guys or gals that complain without knowing what the hell I am talking about or even before I see it and have a chance to test it out on live. Criticism is only good if it is constructive.

Even with the mix of emotions that I have, I am looking forward to Battle For Azeroth and will have mostly fond memories of Legion. I wanted to take the time for everyone at Blizzard for doing a good job up until this point and I will see the rest of you on the flip side of the expansion launch!