Zephirah’s Adventure: When Music Moves You!

GalantisRecently, I have been listening to a lot of music that would be categorized under the electronic style. However, there is a song that has been in my head for days at this point and can not seem to get enough.

The song is Hunter by Galantis.

Recently, in the D&D campaign that I am currently playing in as a halfling wizard, I had a unsettling feeling that she would be other harmed or end up dead in the recent fight that she was in. If you want to know what happens, please feel free to listen to the podcast for the campaign. I am not going to be spoiling things here. (iTunes Link)

All I can say is two things. The first being is that no Zahara did not die in the fight. The second, I feel terrible for Pierre. My poor sweet Pierre. The next time Zahara is in close proximity of him – he will be getting a hug.

As a side note to all of this is, while thinking that Zahara would die, I made a back up character that is a ranger. I can see this being the ranger’s theme song. However, At the moment, Zahara seems to have taken the song for herself. It is strange to have this sort of connection to a song but it has been making me think forward in a way that I have not yet had the chance with my character in a role play setting. For the sake of the past stuff, I cant change it. The future of her story lies in the hands of the others, and where we would go.

I am not sure weather this just makes me crazy or the fact that I am just really into the song and what is happening. Either way, I am having a good time.


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