Zephirah’s Adventure: Blogging Schedule!

Since the blog’s inception it has had one consistent thing. Change. It has been nothing short of a magical adventure that I have undertaken and I am ecstatic for all of the metamorphosis the blog has undertaken.

With that being stated, I have an updated schedule of topic’s that are going to be posted through out the week.

Monday’s: Magic! The Gathering (MTG)
Tuesday’s: Tunes (music)
Wednesday’s: Warcraft
Thursday’s: Random Topic!

(Topic’s that are not covered through out the rest of the week!)

Friday’s: Feature of the week!

(This will be community based. Weather MTG, Warcraft, or anything that would spark interest at the moment!)

Saturday’s: Zephirah’s Adventure Podcast!

I know I have not mentioned Sunday’s in my list of days or topic combinations. The reason for that is I would like to plan for the following week of post and continue to keep my Sunday evenings available for my D&D Campaign.

Essentially, the blog post have went from Monday, Wednesday & Friday post up to daily with the exception of Sundays. That is a total of three more post weekly. I am taking this on because I have so many interest and want to make sure I am giving the topic’s that I would like to cover enough space to grow. The blog is called “Adventure” for a reason. So why restrict the topic list or post that I would want to post due to keeping at a schedule that does not no longer fit.

While I am here I wanted to thank all of the readers for visiting, reading, liking the post, and listening to me banter on endlessly in the podcast form of the blog. For those of you that have posted comments or provided feedback, a special thank you to you for everything. I have enjoyed our conversations and would love to interact in that capacity more often.

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Zephirah Zella

Pro coffee chugger, casual twitch viewer, bacon enthusiast, Rubber Chicken! Proud member of the CTR community! Supporter Of TWLOHA!

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