Warcraft: Sylvanas


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Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most iconic characters of the Warcraft franchise.

She, before getting stabbed by Arthas’s Frostmourn and becoming the Banshee queen, was the epic Ranger that protected her people. With the loss of her own life while seeing the loss of woman and children in front of her very eyes had lead her to a reckless abandonment of all hope with in her.

As Captain Delanryn Summermoon lays dying, she cries and mourns for the Dark Lady. She indicates that she is not only fighting a war that she has the potential to lose on Azeroth but will always loose when it comes to hope. She could slay the entirety of the alliance forces but hope never dies.

Sylvanas did a plethora of horrific things since she was pierced by Froustmourn – not just ordering the burning down of the world tree.

The other thing that I wanted to touch on is that the Horde as a whole works on honor and we seen a few brief moments of that between Malfurian and Saurfang via the Warbringers animated short and the in game cinimatic’s.

The major thing is that War – in no matter what package it comes in – can and has been known to kill, claim a lot of life’s, and have its own set of villains. Sylvanas has and will forever be known on some level as a villain due to the curse that has taken her over.

Zephirah and her story is allowing her to no longer pledge any allegiance to any faction but to herself and her people.

Just as a side note here, the dark lady is in fact out of her mind. We knew that something was on its way and we were waiting for her to do the unspeakable. She will eventually meet her end. Sylvanas may be the Warchief but she does not express what the horde as a whole want’s or needs. We know that the horde stands for honor even if we have pledged our allegiance to the Alliance.

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