You’r WoW Soundtrack, Part 9: Safari!


While preparing for an episode of the podcast, I asked a few people to pick a song for the preshow music. This does not make it into the podcast itself due to copyright reasons; however, I do it for the listeners in discord to listen to during the preshow. It is usually whatever music I decide to banter about in the blog post of the week.

Music, no matter the form or language, speaks to my soul. The music choices that I make usually speaks volumes of my emotions.

For example, the video that is part of this post was suggestion by Evaric, my D&D dungeon master. (Secret’s Of Talonguard, now on iTunes!) I am immensely exhilarated he made the recommendation.

When I first clicked the play button on the youtube video it grabbed my attention right away. I stopped everything I was doing and closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and just listened for the duration of the song.

I now have discovered a song that will be in my rotation and now will be searching the Reggaton genera. Thank you Evaric!