You’r WoW Soundtrack, Part 12: Electro swing!

music_note_and_people_vector_550935Electro swing as described by Wikipedia as “. . . a music genre that combines the influence of swing and jazz that is intermingled with with house, hip hop, and EDM. Successful examples of the genre create a modern and dance-floor focused sound that is more readily accessible to the modern ear, but that also retains the energetic excitement of live brass and early swing recordings. Electro swing groups typically include singers, musicians playing traditional jazz instruments trumpets, trombones, clarinets, saxophones, etc. – and at least one DJ.”

I had stumbled upon several streamers via twitch play this style of music while doing IRL or creative streams and became very interested very quickly. I am thinking this is resurfacing for me due to listening to a wide array of EBM and electronic forms of music recently.

I find the mixes on youtube to be fascinating. I also like to have something in the background as I am working on bigger projects, like adding a bunch of MTG cards into the MTGGoldfish site or something that requires a lot of my attention and energy. Honestly I believe it helps me to focus quite a bit.

Here are a few video examples that I fell in love with!



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MTG Misadventure’s: MTGGoldfish!

Magic-The-Gathering-card backAs stated in my previous Magic! The Gathering post, I have been collecting cards for years. I recently signed up for a free account at MTGGoldfish. I just started to enter in my cards when my younger brother decided to mix my cards up and I had on idea what I entered in and was hard pressed to try and sort everything out the way that I wanted it and honestly I really did not want to take the extra effort to do so.

To answer your question, Yes I was mad for a total of five seconds but decided the best thing for me to do was to start over with entering everything into the data base again. Thankfully, MTGGoldfish has a button where you can reset your list.

So, on that note I have also come to the conclusion to enter as many cards as I can on a daily basis. With that being said, while I am working on the data entry I could put my headphones on and crank out some pretty awesome music or a podcast and have at it.

I am sure my little brother would be happy to know that I am no longer angry but what he did end up doing was motivating me, as previously noted in the prior post, to become a better player and be as motivated as possible to learn about the art that I tend to love so much. This is one of the ways that I am taking him up on that challenge.

Challenge: ACCEPTED!

With the challenge now properly laid in front of me, I know that I have a card that I had came across in my collection that I knew that I had to enter it as the first card in the MTGGoldfish database. I am excited to announce the card is “Moaning Wall”.  (You can learn more about the card here!) The reason for my choice has several layers. The first, lets face it the art is fantastic. Secondly, the flavor text is unreal. Thirdly, just because of where I live (Pittsburgh / Monroeville) is known to be the Zombie capital of the world due to having several major motion Zombie films shot in the area. The most well know of those films being the 1978 film Dawn Of The Dead.

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Secret’s Of Talonguard: Character’s!


Secrets Of Talonguard Characters Color
From Left to Right: Tuttle Underfoot, Drakkor, Wyllow, Mae’mouri, and Zahara

If you have been living under a rock, have not listened to previous podcast, or read any of my previous post you would not know that I am part of a D&D Campaign. On that note, I would like to introduce the player characters that were drawn for us!

I am super excited to let you guys see what our characters look like and very happy that we now have a visual representation.

Alludra, the fabulous cohost of Battle Pets and Fae Warlock in the campaign had asked us a few weeks ago if we would want a sketch drawn of our character’s. I jumped on the chance to take her up on the offer. She reached out to her son and he took it from there with descriptions we as players had provided to her.

Her son, Teirren, did a wonderful job and I am super happy how things worked out.

Please, if you are interested in any art being done for your character in a D&D campaign – feel free to reach out to Teirren via Instagram.

He also has a Deviant Art page, it can be found here:

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Feature Of The Week: Ten Candles!

I know, for the most part, my feature’s on the blog and podcast have been Warcraft related blogs. I am currently in a weird head space with playing Warcraft currently and I am searching other interest. One of the many things I am looking into are table top games like Magic! The Gathering, RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons, or a plethora of other games in the RPG space.

My younger sister recently started to watch a few different things on Twitch. One of those channels just so happens to be HyperRPG. ( It is mostly because she loves the power rangers and the channel has a few of the current cast members featured on the channel. Yes, she is a nerd in her own way, and I absolutely love her for it.

HyperRPG host a tabletop RPG by the name of Ten Candles.

Ten Candles story telling table top role playing set in the genera of tragic horror. You can play with any number of players and among them one would be the game master. Their job to describe the world, to control the antagonistic them, and generally act like a narrator and referee. The rest will create and play a single character, a survivor fighting against the apocalypse and the creatures in the world. Ten Candles isn’t about winning or about beating evil/darkness. It’s about how the characters face their darkest hours. It’s about how they slowly lose their humanity, their traits and their hope.

Each character has a vice, virtue, a hope, and a brink. A brink is hidden trait from all of the other players and details what they are capable of once pushed to brink of terror, despair, sorrow or deviation. This trait is only available once everything else has been “burned” by the candle.

Also, a set of voice recordings are used once the final recording in case the other players find it and they hear their final message to the world.

The core rules of Ten Candles recommend playing in the dark by the light of ten tea light candles. Playing in the dark may be difficult for individuals who are visually impaired, while fire can be a strong anxiety trigger for several people. The rule book also recommends actually burning pieces of your character sheet while you play. Again, for individuals who are uncomfortable around fire, this can be a concern. A game and group can avoid using the fire if they so choose entirely or use battery operated candles.

For some basic understanding, a light is extinguished by failed conflicts. The story would move forward at that point. In the case of use of real candles – an accidental extinguished candle would also break the scene. (If not using candles or using battery operated candles, the game master would prepare a way to properly deal with how the candles could be accidentally be put out and review that with the rest of the players.) At the beginning of the next scene, there would be a series of truth’s spoken by each player including the game master and the story would continue on from there.  As the game approaches it’s final scenes and the candles are dwindling, Conflicts get more difficult, and the power of narration slips from the hands of the players into the hands of the game master.  The last candle means one person is left alive and to extinguish the candle would also end their life.

I know that is a lot of information about the game, but that is the general way on how the game is played – without the character creation. I am very interested on seeing how that would work and possibly work through a game as a one off deal.

If you are interested in viewing the HyperRPG sessions of Ten Candles, you can start with this video.

Please visit the HyperRPG Youtube page here!

If you are interested to learn more about the game, please visit the official game’s website here

Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 11 !

Zephaniah’s Adventure Podcast: Episode 11 for July 25, 2018 

In this episode Ten Candles, Blaqk Audio, Just Another Magic Monday

Podcast / Community Spotlight: Announcement’s!

This week’s show is going to have a feature of the week, Your WoW Soundtrack & two adventure segments. It is going to be slightly different in its nature when I will referencing of Warcraft, and how taking a break from the game currently is the best option for me. There will be no community spotlight in this weeks episode.

If you are ever interested in participating in any way for the podcast, please feel free to reach out. I do not bite, I promise. Links for twitter and the blog’s discord are available in the show notes.

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Feature Of The Week: Ten Candles!

Post will be available on Friday!

Your WoW Soundtrack, Part 11: Blaqk Audio

The Adventure, Part 1: Just Another Magic Monday!

The Adventure, Part 2: It’s ok to take a break!

Shout Outs:

Enygma, Sparrow, HyperRPG, Mike Ginn, Blaqk Audio & Wizard Of The Coast

Music used in this episode:

“Alchemists Tower”, “Alien Restaurant” & “Division”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

World of Warcraft and terms, concepts, images, logos, and other materials related to it are trademarked & copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment. No Copyright Infringement Intended! Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!

Until next time, I hope your adventure is awesome!

Warcraft: Take a break? YES!

warbringers-jaina-e1532372382964.jpgWe as people have a plethora of things that we are involved in during a daily basis. As a Warbringers Jainagamer, that is no exception.

At this point in the game of Warcraft for me, I believe that a short break is a much needed thing. Even with the recent update to the game with 8.0 and all of the changes that it brings. I am not suggesting that this is the best choice for everyone or every player and if you still are playing this late in the expansion, that is great.

I am happy for you.


I know I have been blogging, podcasting, reading news, doing research for and expending a metric ton of energy into Warcraft as of late. I still love the game. I do not believe that I will not ever not enjoy the game on some level. At times, taking a break from things that you love and going back to it with fresh eyes is the best thing to do.

On that note, I do want to bring to your attention, if you have not been paying any sort of attention to the Warcraft site or news, to the animated shorts. The first installment is for Jaina. It is definitively a great watch.

Your WoW Soundtrack, Part 11: Blaqk Audio!

Blaqk AudioBlaqk Audio is a duo, formed by current AFI (short for A Fire Inside) members Davey Havok and Jade Puget.

The duo  started writing music for the side project in 2001, but were deeply involved with AFI to devote enough time to the project. They returned to the project only in 2006, and the debut album CexCells was released August 14, 2007. It debuted at number 18 on the Billboard 200, selling more than 29,000 copies within its first week.

Four years later, Bright Black Heaven was released in September 2011. The album was right after touring and an album release for AFI’s Decemberundergroud.

In December of 2015, the duo updated a lot of their social media accounts to let the fans know new music was on it’s way. They worked on this album during the four year span and was written throughout 2014 and was recorded in 2015 and was originally planned for a release in 2015. Havok has said that the album is lyrically was “darker than our records of the past.” Material released in April of 2016.

I know that I have been in a strange place musically recently and Blaqk Audio, among a few other electronic artist, have been on full rotation recently. I believe that the recent music choices have been inspired by three things. One being my current D&D campaign and how my character could potentially react to things, the second being I have noticed recently my shift away from playing Warcraft and Zephirah’s story. I still love the game but I have not had a bunch of time or desire to play. It is just that point of the expansion, and I know that Zephirah will eventually be an alt. That is a hard thing to deal with. The third has been other work related things or working on several projects and staying busy in general in the real life department. None of these things are bad or are things that I can not handle. Life always has it ways of tossing you a curve ball. For the sake of not sounding like I am complaining about things, I know that I eventually get back to the game and things that I enjoy – just have to make sure everything is lined up properly.

On that note I wanted to thank Blaqk Audio, and by extension AFI, for their music over the years.