Battle For Azeroth: The Home Stretch!

Zeph WhiteThere is 68 full days before the launch of Battle For Azeroth, and I am rather excited. For those of you that are looking for things to complete before the launch of Battle For Azeroth or 8.0, there is a list on Wowhead that details what is being removed when those two things happen.

I can not speak for everyone else, but for me, I am interested in doing a few things. I already have my bird from Argus so that is already off my list. I also am not to worried about having anything related to first aid or fishing completed, just because I do these things do rarely that the desire is not there! Also, Blizzard has already expressed in a blue post that the mage tower tints will be available in the next expansion, here is my list of things to do!

  1. Strand Of The Ancients: Just to go in and pvp a little bit before the whole thing is removed.
  2. Brawlers Guild: This is more of a fun thing for me, and nothing more. We know that the Brawlers Guild achievements will be moved around when 8.0 hits.
  3. Pet Battles / Gathering Pets: For the new pets this expansion that I have not acquired yet and have them to level 25 and at a rare quality before BFA.
  4. Last, but not least, have fun!

To read the article on wowhead, visit here!

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