June’s Book Of The Month: Milk & Honey


The book is a self published debut collection of poetry, that was released in November 2014, and is a New York Times bestseller.

‘Milk and Honey’ is divided into four chapters. Each chapter serves a different purpose (violence, abuse, love, loss, & femininity). On that note, I would like to place a note here that the collection may be triggering for some that would potentially reading it.

I, honestly, understood where she was going with this. The theme’s in the collection are topic’s that are hard to go through for a human. On that note, a lot of people in their reviews around the web have been other highly critical or were absolutely enthralled. I tend to fall right in the middle of the grey area.

The poems are relateable, sure, but that’s where it comes to an end for me. This book seems to be a series of extremely cliche sentiments about self-love, romance,  and social issues, that are chopped up to look like poetry.

Just know that this book is not going to be for everyone, or a larger audience, and I would strongly recommend for a parent to at least have a once over through the book before allowing their preteen or teenager have a go at it. I would also go as far to say, It was snippets of things that happened to the young author that should really not happen. Just because its emotionally charged – and edited in a different way does not really make it poetry, or good for that matter.

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