Beta Update: My Journey!

bfa-beta-zeph.jpgThus far in the Beta I have played around with a few different classes and by default I am realizing that to see things around the world I have chose to stay with the class I have as a main. A priest.

I found things to feel slow. I have also tried a mage as well but it also feels slow. I have not dived into other classes as of yet but I will eventually.

What the beta has shown me so far is that the goals that I have set previously, the desire to try a bunch of classes / races, is the right thing to do for the expansion. Zephirah, the priest, needs to level but I need to remember her story. She needs to be involved in the Role Play community in some way.

Now, with that said, as soon as I can I would like to post her full story here on the blog. How she started, in the gnomish community, got twisted by a death knight’s and mana fiend of a mage elf mixing forcing her dragon flight hidden inside, then her transition into elf-hood, and her hating that she is there. Her interaction with the Highmountain Tauren tribe, and how that has saved her. Battle for Azeroth will not be her fight against the Horde or Alliance factions but the struggle within and how she will be finding her way back after this expansion is long gone.

I know that you may have been looking for some bug thing or how I’m progressing in things, but I got through the intro stuff pretty well and just started leveling on these toons. Things thus far seem smooth and minor things were bugged and reported.

I am enjoying myself though!

That’s always a good thing.

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