Community Spotlight: Update!

cropped-zeph-white.jpgSince the early inception of this blog, I have been posting “Community Spotlight’s” every Saturday. Each post, from person to person who chose to participate, was fantastic.

A dream come true really.

I never would have thought any of these people would have said yes, let alone have fantastic answers and insights on various topics.

If I have not properly said thank you to those people yet – I am doing that now. Really! Thank you for taking the time and energy to complete those spotlights. I have really enjoyed reading through them. You all rock!

I have had great comments on those post, various re-tweets, and people elated to read them and people in general read them and tell me their feed back on the post. For you, Thank you for the feed back, tweets, and interactions! It means a lot.

So, Now that I have your attention and your probably wondering why I am bantering about these spotlights. No, they are not going away. Nor will I allow that. However, I do want to rethink on how I approach the post, questions, and how they are done here on the blog. This means that for the month of April, I am going to take a break, and redo things. This also means, I will post two of them a month and instead of 10 questions, I would like them to be 20. So that way all of you get to know the person better. They are awesome for a reason and I want to share their stuff, weather its a podcast or some other form of art with you and do the person that in answering the questions justice. For example, Toasty was a recent “Community Spotlight” participant. He also loves himself some hockey and Overwatch. I would love for him to talk more about his interest – weather or not I have any knowledge on the topic.

I also made a grand observation. I have not even answered my own community spotlight questions as of yet. Why would I expect someone else to do these spotlight’s if I have not even made an attempt on answering any of these questions! Basically, do not expect someone else to do what you would not do.

So, I am going to answer some of my own questions, here we go!

1 You have been a co-host of Frazlcast and the Epic Fail Podcast, how did you get started with that?

Honestly, I raided with Draven for a long time and started to listen to his show live. I was mostly quiet in his chat on twitch and one day he asked me to be on the show because I have the blog and am creating content. That was super cool of him to ask me to be on the show and I am very honored that he had asked. As far as the Frazlcast, Frazley was in guild chat and he mentioned he had a show that I could listen to it in discord, I interacted with the community in the discord server for a while and we hit it off. I will need to get back into doing that show with him but I have been super busy as of late. They both do a great job on their podcast and am super proud of both of them! Keep up the awesome podcast guys! The community would not be the same with out you.

2 What are some of the podcast you enjoy listening to?

The Instance, Morning Stream, Azeroth RoundTable, Convert To Raid, The Converted, Tauren Think Tank, Lagging Balls, Realm Maintenance, The Darkmoon Herald, Boop, The Worgen’s Howl, PWNCAST, The Starting Zone, Risk, Podcast Unlocked, Hollywood Babble-on, and anything NPR related.

3 Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Keep at it, No matter what it is. Make time for it and do not stray from it just because it gets “to hard” to do. You will never know what you are capable of until you try.

4 What brought or why did you start playing Warcraft?

When I was younger, my dad visited a friend. His whole family was playing the RTS’s. Years later WoW released and at that point I did not have interest because I was playing other games. Then one day my younger brother brought home a card for me to play free for 30 days. After a week, I paid for all of the expansions and continued to play.

5 What was the first ever character you rolled & Which factors determined your choice in the game at the time?

A Blood Elf Paladin. I remembered a friend playing one and thought the elfs were cute as all get out!

6 What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

As I stated on the Epic Fail Podcast, when I first started playing, I was interacting with the NPC’s like they were real people – had a full conversation up until a player /w me and told me what was going on! Hilarious.

7 How often do you raid & What game mechanic do you like the most/least in WoW?

Currently, one night a week. With the “Rubber Chicken Coalition” in the Convert To Raid community!

8 What is your favorite instance & boss fight (it can be from any expansion, even 5 man’s!)?

Honestly, From Favorite 5 man dungeon boss encounter is in Zul’farrak’s – Gahz’rilla. Classic would be Molten Core as a whole, Tempest Keep in Burning Crusade, From Wrath it would have to be the man himself the Lich King, In Cataclysm it would have to be Al’Akir in Throne Of The Four Winds, From Mist of Pandaria it would need to be Galakras in Siege Of Orgrimmar or Ji-Kun out of Throne Of Thunder. Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry from Warlords of Dreanor, and just to know that Gul’dan and Kil’jaden are dead from the current expansion is good for me!

9 With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most in “Battle For Azeroth”?

The Bee mount, and pets. Lots and lots of pets!

10 With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance (or bi-factional)?

Honestly, Bi-factional! I love both sides!

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