This Month In Music: April 2018!

April 2018 is filled with a few new musical releases that I am super excited about. This is a short list of things that I would love to pick up!

April 6th, 30 Seconds To Mars is releasing their fifth studio album “America” and was first announced by the band in February 2018.

April 13th, Breaking Benjamin will be releasing “Ember” and I had written a previous blog post about the album. This is their sixth studio album, featuring the single “Red Cold River”, a dark and moody but heavy yet melodic song that will delight your ears!

April 20th, punk band Pennywise will be releasing “Never Gonna Die” and A Perfect Circle with the album “Eat the Elephant”. Then April 27th, Janelle Monáe will be releasing her third studio album “Dirty Computer”.

So, please, go check out their music! You never know, you might just like it! If you do, support them by making the purchase of their albums!