Book Of The Month: Grey Mountain!

Gray_Mountain_by_John_Grisham_cover.jpgI did not realize how many books I have had my eye on for the year! So far, I am on the sixth book of the twelve books that I would like to read for the year & It is only March!

My next book that I decided to read is Gray Mountain, It is a thriller by John Grisham, published in hardcover on October 2014. It is set in Appalachia Mountains in Virginia after the Great Recession and follows third-year associate Samantha Kofer after the Bankruptcy of a large company files bankruptcy, when she becomes a legal intern at a firm.

You are always welcome to read the book with me and do not forget to track your progress on Good Read’s! We can always talk about the book on Twitter or on discord!

My twitter: @Zephirah_Zella


(Entertainment, Reading Rainbow subsection is where we can talk about books!)


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