Blog Highlight: Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge

bfawowSo, while looking through the warcraft blog-a-sphere I had happened to stumble upon Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge. Yes kid’s, it is that simple, or as simple as  it sound’s.

They have a full list of topic’s that are Warcraft related that has the potential to inspire full post on a topic. The topic I wanted to address in this particular post is twofold, Why blog? & Why blog about Warcraft?

Blogging has a peculiar range of motion that allows thoughts to enter in the ether that we call the Internet, swiftly.  It gives the person posting a voice on a plethora of topic they choose with disdain or fondness.

Warcraft, I am not just talking World Of Warcraft here, but the RTS’s as well. I have enjoyed for a vast amount of time. I became enthralled with the story as a young person. Lore and being a hero, or having the ability to play a hero in a magical way has always held my attention. Thanks for stories like “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Harry Potter”, and The Dark Elf trilogy is absolutely captivating. In some ways Warcraft is a player driven game that has elements of those novel’s.

Thank you for those at Z & Cinder’s page! Please take the time to take a look at their blog here!