Reading Rainbow: Fangirl!

Fangirl RainbowFangirl is a contemporary young adult novel, published September 2013, by Rainbow Rowell.

Cath, a freshman at college, and a twin is having a hard time adjusting in comparison to everyone else. Especially her twin sister who is very extroverted, who seems to be taking in college life one party at a time. Cath takes a writing course,  and spends all her free time writing fan fiction for a book series about a boy magician named Simon Snow that is extraordinarily similar to Harry Potter.

According to description’s of the novel, Cath is very distressed at school. She seems to have no connection to the people surrounding her and gets panic attacks. Cath suffers from crippling abandonment issues due to her mother leaving when she was eight, and she is very worried about her father, who is bipolar and does not take care of himself. Through all this strife, the people around her decide to become friends with her, and ultimately has to take care of her partying sister who ends up with alcohol poisoning.

This should be an interesting read for the month of February! So, I am going to get to reading, and hopefully, you do to!