February 2018: This Month In Warcraft!

February is going to be a busy month in World of Warcraft! In this post we will be covering it all to make sure you are up to date & don’t miss anything. For each event I will be posting a link to wowhead guides so that way, if you need some help completing something, you have the best resource!

  • 2nd to the 16th: Love is in the air! (Wowhead)
  • 4th to the 10th: Darkmoon Faire (Wowhead)
  • 6th to the 13th: World Quest Event (Wowhead), PVP Brawl: Tauren Mill VS South Shore
  • 13th to the 20th: Lich King Timewalking
  • 17th to March 3rd: Lunar Festival (Wowhead)
  • 20th to the 27th: Battleground Bonus Event
  • 23rd: Hatching of the Hippogryph’s (Wowhead)
  • 27th to March 6th: Legion Dungeon Event

On that note, I am not linking to the site for the a few events in the month because those are pretty self explanatory & you can que to those events. Hope you enjoy all the events Warcraft has in store for you. Enjoy & hopefully your drops will be legendary!