Warcraft: Legendaries not so legendary!

LEGION-Legendary-infoLegendaries in Legion have been underwhelming according to the community. I happen to agree. On my main, a priest, I happened to collect a total of twelve. After the third the appeal wore off quickly.

With the latest update to the PTR, Build 25826,  you can now turn in one thousand Wakening Essence for a Purified Titan Essence and three hundred for Awoken Titan Essence. Essentially, A free legendary with the Purified Titan Essence. I honestly believe that this option should have been in the live part of the game a while ago. However, I do like the idea & am glad that Blizzard is making efforts to implement the plan.

Sigh, I know I am sounding like I am complaining but I am really not. I just feel bad for the players that do not have a lot time to play the game in comparison to others that have the vast majority of the legendaries. I want the RNG to be a little more balanced.

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully, all of your drops will be legendary!

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Zephirah Black

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