Mythic Progression: Thought’s & Theory’s

With the last raid of the expansion and the top ten already on the board for completing the mythic version, I had some thoughts. I know this is old news; however, I wanted to put this out in the ether.

Limit, one of the top notch raiding guilds in mid December allegedly had a member of their own guild ddos another player so that he could have a healing spot over another player. From the guild Jeathebelle’s twitter had stated that it was apparent that it had happened although it was over a period of time.

Essentially, the guild did some research, found that the guildy in question provided a link to an IP scraper that forced the other to be offline and popped in to take the spot.

This was such a crappy move to do. I have not seen any other guilds having a similar issue. Warcraft as a whole has been effected by ddos attacks, but not a singular guild or a singular player. Now I am not saying that Limit is a bad guild or that the officer’s should have known. What I am saying is the player was on the bench. He eventually would have made it through but because he was greedy and wanted the achievement right away he caused another person to miss out.

At the end of the day, from the biggest raiding guild to the smallest five man instance groups, if your nice and play fair then eventually will have your goals in game happen. It takes one person to make it a bad situation but we can turn things around.

From what I understand, the guy is no longer in the guild – nor do I expect him to be. He did do this to himself. I just hope that eventually he will learn a lesson. Be able to change & to be part of the greater good of what Azeroth & raiding in Warcraft has to offer.

Ultimately, I will always cheer Limit and each individual of the guild on. However, the question needs to be asked. How long is appropriate to punish a player for doing such a thing? If he happens to never do this again and go back, should they tell him no? Should he be in any guild at all for his actions?

I guess that is something that each community has to think about. I just hope that this does not happen again in the community as a whole. Trolling will always be there, I know, I just want things to be better. I also know I can not control what other people do. I just enjoy people and what they have to offer as a good member of the community.

Long story short. Don’t be a jerk & enjoy raiding at whatever level you choose!

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