Weekly Reset: Upcoming Events in Azeroth!

The fireworks celebration in game on Monday was awesome! I always enjoy them at the end of the year. Now we are looking forward at what this month has in store for us!

From now to the 9th of January the Battleground Bonus Event is up! Starting Sunday, January 7th to Saturday, January 13th the Darkmoon Faire is back. I have always loved the concerts there and to gather all of the pets! Even the petting zoo at the Darkmoon Faire is fun. To learn more about the Darkmoon Faire visit Blizzard’s page here or WoWhead’s page here for a guide!

January 9th to the 16th is the Legion Dungeon Event. That means that while the event is active, the final boss of each Legion dungeon awards an extra item when defeated!

The weekly event for the 16th of January to the 23rd is Pet Battles! While the event is active, your pets will earn experience at triple the usual rate! So, get out there and battle. During this event as well you will have a quest to defeat five players at a PvP Pet battle. You can earn charms for this & it is worth it! Also, as a tip, you should be doing your garrison (and yes your garrison still exist!) menagerie daily quest and any world quest on the Broken Shore. That will also earn you pet charms.  If you need help setting up your menagerie, wowhead has a wonderful guide that will help you along here!

From the 23rd to the 30th Burning Crusade Time walking! Call of the Scarab is January 21st to the 23rd & last but not least, the Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl is January 30th!

This month has a lot to do! Good luck and may your drops be legendary!

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