Featured Blog: Confessions Of A Readaholic

book.jpgI recently stumbled upon an interview that I enjoyed! Also a plethora of book reviews.

I am adding books to read on my list almost daily due to recommendations, and this is no exception. So when you have some time to spare, take a look at “Confessions Of A Readaholic” because it is defiantly worth the read!

Visit the page here: https://amandeepmittal.wordpress.com


In The Name of…

cropped-img_13531.jpg. . .All things that are gnomish!

Before officially playing World Of Warcraft, I had a plethora of free to play mmo’s that I would enjoy. During that time, I did really did not think about how to name my toon’s. Up until one day, a friend and I were chatting it up over coffee. She was studying English in college. She wanted to be a teacher. During the course of the conversation she says, “To become a better person, you have to realize all of your mistakes that you had made in your life, know where you came from, even down to the letter, and where you want to go.” She continues to tell me the meaning of her real name. It was very interesting.

That had stuck with me for years, and remembered that when I first logged into the character creation screen for the first time. It also reminded me of the research that I did after our talk. My real life name is Andrea Jean. It loosely translates, from French, “By the grace of god, you shall be strong and brave.” Those are big shoes to fill. I wanted a toon name to match that. So, Off to the internet I went to see what I could come up with.

Zephirah, is a feminine variant of Zephyr from Greek meaning “West Wind”, it also has some Hebrew affiliation and is translated to mean “Dawn”. So essentially, if translated from the names origins and stitched together, my name means “Dawn of the West Wind”

Since then, alts have had some sort of Z name with a meaning behind it, Unless it is named something different, and it usually comes with a story. For example, my Tauren druid, her name is Mauimoo. A bunch of us were talking in Alea Iacta Est guild chat about vacations. A few minuets she was born! She, Role Play wise, is an absolute nut job & I love her for it!


Musical Discovery: Derek & Brandon Fiechter

When gaming, weather Warcraft or Hearthstone, I want something that will assist me with focusing & without any vocal’s. While diving into the wide array of videos on youtube I stumbled over a channel full of great music.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter are Fantasy & world twin composer’s that started their musical journey when they were 15 years old.

One of my favorites of their original music scores is the 1 hour of Fairytale  Music! (video in post!)

Whenever you have a chance, please feel free to visit their youtube page here!

Community Spotlight: Scruffydruid

scruffydruid1 You have been a co host on several different podcast, what is your favorite thing about co hosting?

I enjoy getting to know more about people in general and hearing people’s stories and adventures. I’m also a bit of a radio Nerd, so it’s nice to do something I really enjoy every now and then.

2 You stream Warcraft, what is the best thing about streaming, and what game have not you streamed yet but you would like to try?

Getting to meet people. Make new friends. I can be my geeky self with other that geek out just as much as I do. I actually would like to give Minecraft Story Mode a try for the sheer fact I can’t wrap my brain around Minecraft at all.

3 What are some of the podcast or streams do you enjoy listening to or watching?

Worgen’s Howl. Heroes of Fitness. Critical Role. Frazlcast.

4 Do you have any advice for someone who is getting into a creative things (like podcasting, art, blogging, music, etc.)?

Do the thing. Whatever you’re interested in, just go for it. Stop talking yourself out of it and letting others talk you out of it. Obviously, be sensible about things. But there is no rule out there saying you can’t try things out that you’re interested in. Don’t wait until you retire to travel. If you can do it now, do it. Enjoy what you love now while you can.

By being sensible about me, I mean it in the sense of don’t forget about the responsibilities you have now. Don’t drop those, just to go after it. That’s why I work so much. Full time outside the home. Freelance at home…streaming and all the really fun stuff on top of that because I want to. I wouldn’t trade any of it.

The point is, you can do both if you want to.

It’s difficult, but it can be done. And then eventually, you can make it into what you want. 🙂

5 Can you tell your Warcraft story? (how you got introduced to the game)?

A friend of mine was having a lan party and invited me over to hang out. Turns out one of the guys had computer issues, so my friend spent the majority of the time fixing his machine. In the meantime, he told me to try out the game they were playing, which was World of Warcraft. About 8 hours later, I gave him his computer back and went and bought my own copy to play at home on Dial Up. >.>

6 You had mentioned that you enjoy RP in Warcraft? What toon or alt has the best story?

Goodness. I’d like to think all my characters have neat stories. I enjoy all of them honestly. If nothing else, I like trying to convey the Draenei accent in typed out form for my Priest. That’s amusing to me & how she’s changed over the years, from a field medic, to a shadow slinging fighter, to a drunk, and to a wanderer now. I enjoy my Shaman’s Voice Translator Box for Common, because she can’t speak it very well.

I had a rogue that started a war and married a High Warlord. Another rogue that was a mana addicted assassin. That’s the fun of it. Creating a character that gets to play in the Azeroth Sandbox.

I’ve been pretty lax on actually writing anything lately about my characters, which is something I’d like to make more time for.

7 What toon has funny quirk that is unusual, and why?

I probably just answered this. My shaman has trouble speaking common, so she has a Gnomish Voice Converter Box 3000. IT has almost a 96.3% chance of accuracy and to not blow up.

Makes for when she’s talking to people, sometimes words don’t come out correctly. Oddly while my druid is extremely loyal and protective and curious about adventure…she’s extremely bloodthirsty in BG’s. Or maybe that’s just me.

8 With a new expansion on it’s way, what are you looking forward to most I’m “Battle For Azeroth”?

I like exploring and opening storyline as it comes, so I’m excited for more storyline, to see where it takes us. I’m anxious to see the reasons unfold on how and why things hit the fan. I’m excited for new mounts that I may never get. :smiley: And to see what will develop in Jaina’s storyline.

In addition, I’m looking forward to new armor, or the chance to new armor. I like transmog!

9 With the return to the factional divide in “Battle For Azeroth”, Horde or Alliance?

I’d love to say both, but I’ll probably stay Alliance. I love my little Worgen too much.

10 Where can people find you on the Internet?

You can find way more than you probably intend to on twitter, @thescruffydruid


There’s a fair amount of Warcraft, but also RL stuff and on twitch at twitch.tv/thescruffydruid

There is also a slightly neglect blog here: https://thescruffydruid.wordpress.com/

Blog Highlight: Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge

bfawowSo, while looking through the warcraft blog-a-sphere I had happened to stumble upon Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge. Yes kid’s, it is that simple, or as simple as  it sound’s.

They have a full list of topic’s that are Warcraft related that has the potential to inspire full post on a topic. The topic I wanted to address in this particular post is twofold, Why blog? & Why blog about Warcraft?

Blogging has a peculiar range of motion that allows thoughts to enter in the ether that we call the Internet, swiftly.  It gives the person posting a voice on a plethora of topic they choose with disdain or fondness.

Warcraft, I am not just talking World Of Warcraft here, but the RTS’s as well. I have enjoyed for a vast amount of time. I became enthralled with the story as a young person. Lore and being a hero, or having the ability to play a hero in a magical way has always held my attention. Thanks for stories like “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Harry Potter”, and The Dark Elf trilogy is absolutely captivating. In some ways Warcraft is a player driven game that has elements of those novel’s.

Thank you for those at Z & Cinder’s page! Please take the time to take a look at their blog here!

Podcast Spotlight: Frazlcast

Frazley SparkspanIts that time again boys, girls & my fluffy worgen friends!

I will be on the next installment of Frazlcast! The show records live Thursday, February 15, 2018! You can watch the show live at https://twitch.tv/FrazleyS starting at 9:15  PM eastern!

Also, as a secondary announcement, I was reading other blogs around wordpress & stumbled over something that I would like to try. It is a blogging “challenge” about a plethora of topic’s related to gaming (mostly warcraft), I also encourage for my readers that also want to try the blogging thing to give it a go! Challenge yourself!

You can read the Z’s & Cinder’s blog here!

Battle For Azeroth Alpha!

bfawowOn Wednesday, The 7th of February Blizzard released the Alpha for Battle For Azeroth. It is by invite only!

The invitations may take a while to arrive in your email, but you can check if you are eligible to play the Alpha by refreshing your Battle.net client and checking for the Alpha tag.

Along with the Alpha announcement we also have access to see the updated ui changes.  The additional action bars “Bottom Left Bar” and “Bottom Right Bar”, it now only adds 6 slots instead of the previous 10. In addition, The Game Menu with buttons such as Character Info, Spellbook, Abilities, etc. and well as the Bag has been moved to the bottom right of the screen. It seems to be a lot cleaner then the current ui build!

If you can not tell, I am super hyped for the changes.

Also, as an honorable mention, Hazlenutty had posted a video to youtube about the updated models for battle pets! Check out the video!