Ben Brode: Hearthstone Game Director leaving Blizzard

Ben BrodeBen Brode, Hearthstone Game Director, announced on April 20th that he would be leaving Blizzard after 15 years.

He will be embarking on a new journey, starting a new business, but he had posted to the Blizzard forums and reflected about his time at the company, reflecting that he had joined the Blizzard team as a tester when he was just 20.

Take the time to read his full message on the forums here:

I wanted to take the time to thank Ben for all his hard work at Blizzard. For all the fun times, raps, funny stories and fantastic things that he had achieved while at Blizzard. He was a great addition and hopefully his adventure is awesome and I hope all the best for him and his family!


Avicii: Swedish DJ Passes At 28!

avicii.jpg“One day you leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.”

– Avicii (1989-2018)

On April 20, 2018 it was announced that Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, had passed away. His publicist Ebba Lindqvist announced that he had passed in Muscat, Oman. No cause of death was given.

Avicii Twitter Reactions

Avicii website

Rest easy, Avicii. Thank you for all of the music!

Featured Blog: Coffee Cakes & Crits!

coffee cakes and crits


This week I was reading through a few other blogs and stumbled upon this one.

Before each post there is a quote, I would have never really even thought about that. It also is very clean, crisp, and very well rounded, on a wide array of topic’s.

So, please go and take a look (click the link!):

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Alt-a-holic: Revenge of the Alts, Part 2!

Zelodie, Tauren Paladin

Meet Zelodie, the Tauren Paladin, on Bolderfist. Proud Member of Blood Of The Scribe.

She is my first 110 horde toon for the legion expansion.

Did I happen to mention that she is a boosted toon? No. Well, she is boosted. I am also very nervous to say that I am going to be tanking with her. That should be interesting because I have not had a max level Paladin since Cataclysm.

For now, what I would like to do with her is to complete the Surmar quest chain to unlock the allied races, then to attempt mythic 5 man dungeons. Nothing more then 5’s. I am more wanting to get my feet wet and see if I feel confident enough to continue tanking or if I should give the DPS spec a go.

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The Quickening: Skillet

skilletSkillet has been in my regular listen rotation for a while. A long while.

The band started in 1996, and I have been listening to them since 2007. Right as Comatose, their seventh full-length album was gaining traction. I know they are touring supporting their most recent album entitled Unleashed, but I have been hooked to their Awake & Remixed EP.

I was listening to the Spotify service and the pre-made “Your Daily Mix” playlist they put together and this song popped up. Its actually a very haunting version and it forced me to listen considering how different it is from the original song.

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Featured Blog: WoW Misadventures!

wow-misadventures1.jpgWoW Misadventures is a wonderful read.

The blog is short and to the point, with various pictures, and adventures that is had by the “Draenei Priest trying to survive”.

Take a moment to stop by and read through the blog a bit, here!

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Favorite Legion Quest!

I would like to take a moment to thank the fantastic people at the Z & Cinder’s blog! They are absolutely great! Keep up the great work! I will link to their topic’s available if you would like to participate in the challenge is as follows: Z & Cinder’s blog!

Topic 1: Favourite Legion quest: What is your favorite quest or quest chain so far in Legion?

kobold-high-mtn.jpgBesides the poop quest that makes an appearance in every expansion, this is a hard question. There are so many of them! My favorite is the quest in High Mountain where you train the little gnome girl by the name of Addie Fizzlebog to hunt. She asks “should we take a selfie” while we’re hunting. Cracked me up. The other set of quest that was absolutely hilarious was the kobold quest chain, also in High Mountain. The chain also contains a quest that you play as the quest giver.

Topic 10: Favourite World Quest: What’s your favorite World Quest in Legion so far and why?

squirrl.jpgMy favorite world quest is in Val’sharah. Awe, Nuts! It’s short and to the point – and has a pretty funny joke when upon completion!


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